Why I'm Running

America has always been great.  It never ceased to be great.  But I want to make it even greater for ALL Americans, not just for those of greater means.

We need to create and foster policies that will result in not just more jobs, but better-paying jobs that help grow our middle class.

We need to find solutions to allow more Americans to have access to affordable healthcare.  The bill currently being considered in Congress could potentially cause more than twenty million people to lose health coverage.  This is unacceptable – our country’s economic vitality is inextricably linked to the health and well-being of our people.  We need to work together to figure out ways to fix the Affordable Care Act so that Americans can continue to have access to high-quality healthcare without fear of losing everything to outrageous medical bills.

We need to invest in the future of our country—our children.  It is critical that we have a strong public education system to help produce the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and a workforce that is ready to compete in this global economy.  Importantly, we need to invest more in science and technology, as these fields will continue to produce the jobs of tomorrow. We also need to strengthen our vocational training and reinforce the skilled labor pool so that those for whom college is not an option can still learn a valuable trade and build for their own future.

We need to elevate our political discourse and change the tone in Washington.  Just as the leadership of an organization sets the tone for the rest of the organization, the leadership of a country sets the tone for the rest of the country.  Right now, the tone that’s being set by our leaders is one of divisiveness and hateful rhetoric, especially as it relates to immigration.

We need a voice in Congress who will speak out and fight against words or actions by anyone, including the President, which are contrary to the principles and values that have made our country so great for so long.

We need to restore some semblance of checks and balances in our government. Please join our campaign to help make these changes a reality.

Ethan Pham – For Congress (District 7)



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